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On this website you’ll find Orthodox charities from around the world which we view as the most beneficial for humanity. Our selection methodology and approach will be developed in cooperation with charity experts coming from various countries. A final selection of charities will be made based on this process and presented on the website.

Our mission is to help those with a heart for giving get the most impact out of their donations by presenting them with the best, most beneficial Orthodox charities from all over the world.

Current state of the project

The project is ongoing, and we are working on developing a full-scale website. The current webpage is just a small presentation meant to give a general idea about what the Best Orthodox Charities website will look like in the future.

Invitation to cooperate

Charities directories

The charities directories will appear here.


If you are interested in our project either for the purposes of collaboration or to receive news on its development, then please contact us here:

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